I am a wedding, birth and lifestyle natural light photographer currently calling Alabama home (will travel for tacos).  My style can be described as making you feel something. I love movement, intimate moments, and all the little details that makes you and your lover unique.

By now it’s (hopefully) pretty obvious that I’m a wedding photographer but it’s also important to note that I’m also wifed up (ask me to show you my wedding photos because I will force feed them to you shamelessly), which means I’ve done the bride thing…been there, worn the dress, picked the flowers, did the seating chart, obsessed over the weather forecast.  I get it.  It was the absolute happiest day of my life and now more than ever I understand the importance of having a photographer who has your back, who cares about catching the little in between moments and getting you some bomb ass portraits with your person and your people.  (Spoiler alert – I am that photographer, I’m talking about meeee!)

During wedding days you’ll find me in the midst of everything, capturing the vibe of the day by covering all of the important moments, details and scenery –  without missing the fleeting candid moments in between that you might not have the time to stop and appreciate during the craziness of the day.  I’m everywhere and nowhere all at once, like a ninja, but you know like an artsier one that enjoys a good glass of wine (aka an entire pizza) and some trashy TV that makes your IQ drop significantly.

With engagement and wedding photography, the default worthy posed profile pics are a given; but I pride myself on my knack for capturing people’s personalities and connections with lifestyle imagery that feels like it belongs in a magazine spread.  You are Beyonce, always.

Things that motivate me to get out of bed

Anything that has to do with nature. My husband and I are turning into complete National Park junkies!

Travel, there is nothing more remarkable than experiencing different cultures and walks of life.

Food, just feed me. Everything. Especially if melted cheese is involved.

Music. It’s what motivates me before shoots, during editing, and in life.

People!! I LOVE people which is why I have found my calling in the wedding industry. I always have a smile on my face and laughter is my love language.