Based in Alabama, Available Worldwide

You deserve to be treated like more than just another client. You deserve more than some stranger showing up, snapping photos from the sidelines like you are just subject matter. But that’s irrelevant now, because you’ve found me! Being married myself, I know how important those milestone celebrations are and I never let a moment go to waste. I often hear how refreshing it is that I am the perfect combo of fun and professional.

Hire me for your wedding and expect a bubbly chick to show up and befriend your bridal party, dance alongside you, and crush on your grandpa. I am very open throughout the whole process, communicating what works best so that you feel confident knowing you are getting the best photos/experience possible. Want all the artistic flair, but also want the timelessness of traditional photos? You came to the right person! Are you like me and just ready for the party, and want a more candid/ laid back style?

I pour my heart into my work in order to produce photos that will mean something years down the road, because these photos are important and these are the good ole days!  You’re IN them!  Lets make sure we document them properly.

I’ve got you covered.


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My approach

Don't be surprised if I break out into a dance move or joke around to get a smile out of you, I never take myself too seriously in that aspect. My inspiration comes from anything that makes me look at the world with purpose (couples in love, of course).

With me, you get a girl who believes that moments are nothing unless you live them and my job is to make those moments last a lifetime. As much as I do use posing, I am known for my candid, free-spirited moments. They are what make the session true to you after all. I want you to feel comfortable in front of my lens, so it's important for me to get to know everyone I work with.

I use a consultation session (by phone or if requested, in person) to meet with you so I can know you outside of being my client. Ready to have some fun with me?! Invite me on your adventure, tell me all about your big day, your family, what aspect of life you want captured! I can't wait to freeze time with you!