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we would be a GREAT fit if you are as obsessed with deserts, sandy beaches & mountains as I am and have that edgy/boho/laid back vibe going on! I am for the couples who love being wild & goofy, and who are all in when it comes to getting their dress & shoes dirty to get to that perfect viewpoint! I am for the couple who doesn't feel stuck in traditions, but are wanting to fully incorporate their personality into their wedding day/elopement! This means taco trucks are welcomed, bridal hats are the bomb, s'mores to end the night are a must, barefoot brides encouraged, and denim/leather jackets are my love language.

If my photos speak to you & make you stoked on the adventure we could embark on, & you feel like we could be bffs, then let's talk! I only want to work with clients who LOVE my work & are looking for more than just photos. I want to work with couples who are about the experience, the adventure, about making memories and investing in images that will one day be their legacy to pass on to future generations. 



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